Hello. My name is Paul Benjamin ind I am an independant Internet technician in Atlanta, Georgia. I can help setup your small office network, install firewalls and other security measures, and configure any network to support secure wireless Internet connections on mobile phones and tablet computers. Please contact me on Google+, Twitter, or LinkedIn to get a FREE CONSULTATION about my services.

Case Study #3 - Cypress Media Group

Cypress Media GroupI'm currently wrapping up work on my latest networking job with Cypress Media Group. This web-based media company wanted to create a new network for their expanding offices which were located outside the reach of even DSL.

Most of their new locations were located in rural areas. The only good broadband connections in those places where satellite-based, such as HughesNet. Surprisely, we went with Dish Network Internet since they had a newer, fastest satellite broadband connection in rural areas of Georgia. I didn't know about it until this job assignment, but DISH is perfectly willing to setup custom connections for business purposes and they can work out a deal with you if you business is large enough.

I really enjoyed this job since I got to do a lot of new things and work with new companies, like DISH, while at the same time setting up rock-solid high speed Internet networks the way I know best. Please contact Kathy, Vice President of Marketing at Cypress Media Group for references about my work.

Internet Technology Degree From Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech Internet ServicesMany of my clients want to know my background before they hire me and I completely understand that. To begin, I finished a Masters degree in Internet Technology at Georgia Tech back in 2008. Since then, all my jobs have revolved around information technology.

For example, during my first big freelance job assignment (from about 2008 to 2010), I helped build and implement backend databases connections for broadband Internet service providers, or rather the companies that sold their services. Some of these include Digital Landing, White Fence, and Saveology. These aggregate websites help visitors locate Internet Service Providers in my area.

From 2011 to 2013, I've focused entirely on setting up high speed Internet networks for small businesses here in Atlanta. Please check my case studies below to learn more about my previous work experience.

Case Study #2 - Cablik Enterprises

Cablik EnterprisesA local home builder company, Cablik Enterprises, needed a better way of communicating information to their various job sites located around the greater Atlanta area. Their old system was developed back in 1998!!! They need a serious system update.

Over the course of several months, I helped Cablik with the following tasks:

  • Create and maintain a new computer network
  • Linkup their in-office desktop computers
  • Setup a secure private email server
  • Upgrade to a new web-based billing system
  • Setup Internet connections at job sites

There are many ways to setup up low-cost, secure LAN's at your temporary job site. Having access to a high speed Internet connection at such locations is critical for modern businesses. I wrote an article about some easy ways to setup such temporary LAN's - visit this site to read the full article.

Case Study #1 - Acceller Internet Service Gateway

AccellerWith my networking concentration from college and my recent experience working with Digital Landing and their affiliates, I was able to my first big independant job with Acceller.

One of their main partners is the High Speed Internet Access Guide. This company's site needed a secure form that was integrated with Acceller's main order system. Visitors to the site needed to be able to enter their contact info and address to search for Internet providers by zip code, then they needed to be shown results of their search and be able to order broadband services quickly and securely.

For this job assignment, I performed the following tasks:

  • Building and testing of database tools and services
  • Ensured all data complied with legal regulations
  • Protected and backed-up database information
  • Created a system for regular reporting to the teams
  • Monitoring database performance
  • Troubleshooting all error results

This job took only two months, and it actually paid pretty well. The site owners were very pleased with how everything came out. Please contact Brett Moore at Acceller for more information.